4-09. Heat Printing How-To: Capitalizing on the Top 10 Trends in Decorated Apparel

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Saturday, May 16
11:00AM to 12:30PM
RoomSalon A-2

Learn how to capitalize on the hottest trends in decorated apparel using your heat press.

Get rid of the heat press mark, merchandise the latest in bling, decorate challenging but trendy oversized shirts, learn to heat-print footwear and more! Attendees of this action-packed class will experience the actual decoration of many trendy items on a heat press. Expect to learn:

  1. The latest trends in the wearables market that present money-making opportunities
  2. Specific how-to demonstrations on decorating these items, live in the classroom
  3. Thriving markets for these items and tips on how to reach them


Stahls’ is the leader and innovator of heat applied materials for the sporting goods industry.