The Beginner's Guide to Photoresist and Sandcarving

Rayzist Photomask Inc.
Thursday, October 26
10:00AM to 11:30AM
The instructor’s suggested experience level for this workshop is: Beginner

Learn the business of sandcarving from the beginning. This class is perfect for both those looking to add sandcarving to their business as well as those who have recently done so. In this class, participants will learn the process of sandcarving. All participants will sandcarve their own showroom-ready sample at the Rayzist booth. The class will cover topics including:

  • Easily converting JPG images into vector images
  • How to know if a print is ready to make into a stencil
  • How to apply a stencil to natural stone, curved surfaces, glass and more
  • How to work more efficiently with process improvement tools

About Rayzist Photomask Inc.

Rayzist has been building businesses for over 30 years with quality manufactured direct equipment, photoresist films and a well-qualified customer service team with years of experience on sandcarving equipment, automatic washout systems & photoresist films. Rayzist offers technical support as well as an in-house art department providing our customers with technical support in artwork and a custom mask service.