Creating a Multi-Decoration Product From Start to Finish

Thur. & Fri 2:00pm

During this training, we will go over the design creation process in the TRW Design Wizard 4.0 and bring it to life by applying our creation to a t-shirt using a vinyl cutter and heat press. We'll go over business tips along the way and are ready to answer any question that come to mind.

About TRW

TRW began as an entrepreneurial endeavor by schoolteachers Matt and Laureen Vassallo of Bradenton, FL., in 2008. Its humble beginnings included custom rhinestone and vinyl decal products for sale, but quickly grew into providing more than 3,000 educational tutorial videos and online training, and a product supplier, to aid similar growing businesses. TRW operates out of a warehouse as well as a storefront and is able to educate around the globe through social media. This includes 140,000+ subscribers on YouTube, which is one of TRW's many free educational platforms.

TRW Products:

  • TRW Design Wizard ®
  • CorelDRAW® Graphics Suite
  • Vector Artwork
  • True-Type Fonts
  • Rhinestone Designs
  • Vinyl Cutters
  • Heat Presses
  • Heat Transfer Vinyl
  • Sign Vinyl
  • Rhinestones
  • Magic Flock Template Material
  • Bling Anything™ Material
  • Software and Product Training
  • Custom Artwork
  • Pre-Cut Templates