Laser Material Processing Made Easy: Tips & Tricks for Working with Photos, Wood, Acrylic, Glass & Stahls’® Heat Transfer Material

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Universal Laser Systems Inc.
Thursday, October 26
1:00PM to 2:30PM
The instructor’s suggested experience level for this workshop is: All Levels

Class Highlights:

  • How to best laser process photos onto a variety of materials
  • How to achieve the best laser processing results with Stahls'® Cad-Cut heat transfer materials
  • Wood
  • Acrylic
  • Glass

This class will cover how to laser process photos to produce picture-perfect images on a variety of materials. It will go in-depth with laser techniques and system features needed to create the best possible results on different materials, including how to laser process Stahls'® new heat transfer films to completely eliminate weeding, and produce quality currently unseen in apparel decoration. This course will also improve your understanding of processing some of the most common laser materials – woods, acrylics and glass – and will cover unique tricks and tips on the best ways to cut, mark and engrave these materials with C02 laser technology.

This course is designed to be beneficial for any level of expertise. Whether you are just looking to determine if laser technology will work for your business or are an advanced user looking to expand your abilities, this class has something for everyone.

About Universal Laser Systems Inc.

Universal Laser Systems has been advancing the application of modern CO2 laser technology since 1988. Research and Development efforts have resulted in numerous patents, with several pending, in our continual pursuit to develop and enhance laser systems that benefit the customer. Our R&D philosophy and execution are based upon designing highly modular platforms that can be easily configured with interchangeable laser power cartridges and field upgradeable laser system options. This robust system configuration capability, unique to Universal, gives customers the flexibility and investment protection to optimize laser systems as their business evolves. Our solely owned, custom‐built, state‐of‐the‐art engineering and manufacturing facilities are located in Scottsdale, Arizona, where we manufacture both lasers and laser systems. Additional operating offices are located in Vienna, Austria and Yokohama, Japan to assist Universal Laser Systems customers and distributors.

The Universal Laser Systems Global Factory Authorized Service network is on call around the globe for local system installation, service and maintenance. Our Applications Lab, dedicated to the continual advancement of laser material processing, has developed unique solutions for thousands of customers.

Universal Laser Systems has a passion for servicing customers, which culminated in the industry’s most comprehensive product line of laser engraving, marking, graphic imaging and cutting systems.

As the leading provider of CO2 laser technology solutions, there is a Universal Laser System solution installed in every country in the world with customers ranging from small, family‐run operations to highly automated Global 2000 companies. Each customer shares a common thread – our systems help create additional business opportunities. Whether you are a start‐up company or an established business, we have the technology, people, and experience necessary to help you develop and maintain a competitive advantage. No other company has a more comprehensive portfolio of R&D, systems, global service and material processing experience in CO2 laser equipment than Universal Laser Systems.