Why Sandcarving?

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Friday, October 27
10:00AM to 11:30AM
The instructor’s suggested experience level for this workshop is: All Levels

From beginners to advanced sandcarvers, IKONICS Imaging offers you the chance to gain hands-on experience and personal training with some of our company’s leading technical representatives. Discover how sandcarving can expand and differentiate your business through a wide array of techniques and markets.

  • Gain professional insight on how to sell to various industries including: awards, promotional products, barware, giftware, memorials, and more!
  • Sandcarve glass, rock, crystal, ceramic, and more!
  • Learn the benefits of stage carving, frosting, compound curves, and more!

See why sandcarving stands above other engraving or etching processes –the high detail, multi-level, and deep etching capabilities result in clean, high-end custom products. Attend our class for the knowledge, then visit our booth to try your hand at sandcarving. Every class attendee will get to take their own personalized display piece home with them that day!

About IKONICS Imaging

IKONICS Imaging is the Total Solution supplier for all sandcarving needs with high-quality equipment and products. Made in America and distributed globally, IKONICS Imaging provides everything needed to start and maintain sandcarving businesses, including photoresist films, sandcarving equipment and supplies, glass and crystal engraving products, along with education and training resources. The IKONICS Imaging opportunity offers everything needed to get started and succeed.