CorelDRAW® for Beginners and Intermediate

Epson America, Inc.
Friday, June 15
8:00AM to 9:30AM
The instructor’s suggested experience level for this workshop is: Beginner / Intermediate

Learn the most necessary tools and techniques in CorelDRAW® for the imprint industry. With a focus on vector graphics, we will be walking through tools, menus, shortcuts, color functions, workspace options, effects, and output for production. As a screen printer, embroiderer, engraver, digital will learn a thing or fifty in this class! Clay has been teaching CorelDRAW® for over 10 years and ensures that every person in the class takes home something great from the ideas, steps, concepts, and techniques presented in the class. This "fun and informative" class will feature need-to-know steps and tools, bitmap-to-vector tracing, vector graphic effects, classic rock music, and presentation techniques with beginner to intermediate concepts. Draw, re-draw, create & re-create are consistent themes.

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