The 2020 WRAPSON Wrap Olympic Emcee:

Kevin Kempf, PG NOLA™
Years of Experience: 16
Certifications: 3M Preferred, 3M Endorsed Architectural Graphics Installer (DiNoc), 3M Endorsed Knifeless Tape Installer, Avery, CWI Installer, Arlon Wrap it Right Certified Installer, Hexis Endorsed, Wrapify Certified Installer, Fellers Certified. PG NOLA™ started with creating unique designs and graphics for many types of print media 14 years ago.  Specializing at the time, in paper printed items, such as club flyers, business cards, brochures, etc… Then nearly 12 years ago, we were asked to do a full color decal, the rest is history, we have been laying vinyl since.  I began to take my degree in graphic design and create custom designed vehicle wraps from digital wraps, to one of a kind color change designed wraps using a multitude of colors & finishes.  PG NOLA™ is a full service design, print and install facility now focusing on wraps of all kind and large format printing.  In 2015 we were honored to be chose as Knifeless Tech-Systems “Cover Car” and product packing vehicle sold world while.  Now we are 1 or only 6 companies to have this honor. I love what I do and I am here to help this industry any way I can.

The 2020 WRAPSCON Wrap Olympics Judges:

Jen Carney, Carbon Wraps
Years of Experience: 9
Certifications: Avery Trained
Owner of Vehicle Wrap Company. Head of marketing, business operations, customer retention and quality assurance.  Trained installer and has been a part of the team since day one.

Keith Vu, Savage Wraps
Years of Experience: 32
Certifications: Original Fellers Certification, Class of 2008, Johnson Commercial and Tint Certification, Avery and Hexis Trained Professional Certification
Over the span of 29 years, working in the print and sign industry, I bring all my talents forward into the digital age of print, design, and installation. My experience ranges from high end commercial installs, fabrication, and over 3200+ vehicle wraps.

Luis Tirado, WBC Graphics, LLC
Years of Experience: 16
Certifications: 3M Authorized Trainer, 3M Preferred, Knifeless, Endorse Installer, Dinco Endorse, Master of Branding
Luis Tirado, 47 years old. The inventor of Blade Cage safety wrap tool that has revolutionized the way wrap installers snap and secure used disposable blades and an active Graphic Designer who produces and professionally installs graphics.

Starla Miller, Miller Decals
Years of Experience: 12
Certifications: 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company
I began watching my husband install graphics in the 80's. The process still has similarities, but the industry has changed dramatically.  I have been the CFO for Miller Decals for 10 years and have been the quality control specialist. I love what I do.

Adam Sumner, WRAPIX Imaging & WRAPIX Academy

Years of Experience: 14
Certifications: 3M Preffered Installer, 3M di-Noc Endorsed Installer, 3M Knifeless Endorsed Installer, 3M Authorized Trainer, 3M Authorized Knifeless Trainer, Wrapify Certified, Masters of Branding

I got my start in the printing industry working with my dad in his offset printing buisness. I eventually migrated into the wide format business so I could combine my love for printing with my love for cars and motorcycles. I have been blessed to work with and along side so many talented individuals. This industry is truly amazing and has taught me so much over the years. I am blessed to be able to share a lot of those things through my training programs. Wrapix academy is one of 5 3M authorized training facilities in the US and the only one located on the west coast. Hosting classes monthly for all experience levels and offering the 3M preffered installer testing.