Design to Concept on Various Surfaces of Sandcarving

Rayzist Photomask Inc.
Friday, October 11
1:00PM to 2:30PM
The instructor’s suggested experience level for this workshop is: Beginner

We will cover the many surfaces of sandcarving and sandcarving industries. In this class we will tackle four common subjects of the sandcarving industry. Donor Recognition, metal tumblers, glass awards, multi-stage carving and creating sandcarving stencils for each surface.

We will discuss options for producing a quality sandcarving film.

  1. Producing photoresist stencils
  2. Utilizing your laser engraver to produce stencils

We will discuss topics:

  • Donor Recognition: Concrete versus clay bricks for donor recognition. We discuss design limitations of both materials and paint options for porous surfaces.
  • Metal Tumblers: Sandcarving powder metal and coated tumblers with the option for an overlay image. Add a paint fill to provide a contrast of the image.
  • Glass & Crystal: Sandcarve glass and crystal from low to high-end awards, wine bottles and barware. Etch depth using detailed images in any glass material. Learn how to apply a photoresist stencil to curve glass for sandcarving.
  • Multi-stage carve on glass: Use photoresist film to shape the design for a multi-stage carve. We will go through artwork required for a multi-stage carve.

We will provide tips and techniques for all concepts to ensure an easy and successful project.

About Rayzist Photomask Inc.

Rayzist has been building businesses for over 30 years with quality manufactured direct equipment, photoresist films and a well-qualified customer service team with years of experience on sandcarving equipment, automatic washout systems & photoresist films. Rayzist offers technical support as well as an in-house art department providing our customers with technical support in artwork and a custom mask service.