Exhibitor FAQ


Can you make announcements for us over the intercom?

It is THE NBM SHOW policy that announcements over the intercom are reserved only for emergencies. However, if you are planning on having a giveaway in your booth, let us know and we will help with the promotion of it.

Can we put brochures on registration tables and countertops?

THE NBM SHOW will allow exhibitors to distribute brochures from their own booths; however, brochures cannot be placed on registration counters, in the Food Court area or any other area outside their own booth.

Can we pass out water/snacks to attendees from our booth?

Exhibitors may pass out water/snacks from their booths providing they order from the convention center caterers. If you would like to provide snacks or beverages for attendees, please contact Jackie Ramsier by e-mail or phone: 800-669-0424 ext. 263

Exhibitor Badges

Exhibitors can request badges online. Badge credentials will not be mailed. You will receive an email confirmation with a barcode. Please bring your confirmation on-site to expedite the printing of your badge. Please bring your confirmation and print your badge at a “Badge Pick Up” kiosk on site.

Are exhibitor badges necessary?

Yes, exhibitors must register all exhibit staff to gain entrance to the exhibit hall. Booth representatives must wear official show badges furnished by THE NBM SHOW at all times while in the exhibit hall or attending events related to THE NBM SHOW. Badges provide admission to the Convention Center during all hours of move-in, show days and move-out.

Are distributor or manufacturer badges needed?

All personnel entering the exhibit hall will need to have a badge. Please be sure all booth staff and employees associated with your exhibit are badged under your name. If you have sales representatives working in your booth who are representing a manufacturer, please order their badge under your company name/ manufacturer name. e.g. Exhibiting Company XYZ/ Manufacturer ABC

Where is exhibitor registration?

Exhibitors will be able to pick up their badge and holder for THE NBM SHOW during registration hours in the Registration area. Registration is typically in the lobby of the convention center.

When is registration open?

Please see weekly exhibitor information newsletters for city-specific registration hours.

Work Passes: Who will need one?

Employees working only during setup and move-out need to be badged. Please call 800-560-9941 to register these employees.

I forgot to order badges, what do I do?

If you did not order exhibitor badges or you need to add another name to your list after the deadline has passed, you may do so on-site. Simply visit the Exhibitor Registration counter in the Registration area. If the deadline has not passed, you may order exhibitor badges online.


Do you release a list of attendees from your shows?

All exhibitors are eligible to order show attendee lists for our shows.

When can I expect my Show Attendee list(s)?

If you have requested a list of attendees, pre-show attendee lists are e-mailed approximately 2 weeks prior to the show. Post-show lists are typically e-mailed the Wednesday after the show closes.

What are Show Specials?

Show Specials are discounts & deals offered exclusively to attendees of an event. They are featured on the website leading up to the show for attendees to view, print out, and redeem at the show. Your Exhibitor Services Coordinator will contact you asking regarding submission info.

Can I advertise in your Show Directory or online?

We offer many opportunities to increase booth traffic and extend your investment beyond the exhibit hall. See our Marketing Tools or Contact Us for more details.

Exhibit Setup & Teardown

What is included in my booth package?

Your booth package includes the back wall and side rail drapes, and a booth I.D. sign if ordered by the deadline.

You must provide furnishings, carpet, electricity, etc. For your convenience, you may order carpet, furniture telephone, electrical power, water/drain, and/or floral separately. See Your Exhibitor Service Manual for more information. Please note: Floor covering is required.

How early or late can I get into the exhibit hall for set-up?

Please reference your Service Manual for show specific move-in and move-out information. 

What if we have not finished setting up our booth by the allotted set-up time?

All exhibits must be completed by 5pm the last day of set-up. No set-up will be allowed during show hours. If you need additional time, please contact Jackie Ramsier by e-mail or phone: 800-669-0424 ext. 263.

Can I begin tearing down my booth early?

No. Tear down of exhibitor displays may not begin until the show closes.

Is it likely that the island booth in front of me will block the view of my booth?

NBM does not want any booth to be blocked by another's display and we try our best to avoid any occurrence of this; however, islands are only restricted by display height. Unlike an in-line booth where the sides of one's display are limited to four feet, an island is not subject to such restrictions.

Laser Info

All manufacturers and distributors displaying laser systems are required to meet FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) & CDRH (Center for Devices and Radiological Health) safety guidelines and register their equipment with CDRH and must send in labeling proof prior to exhibiting at THE NBM SHOW. Equipment labels must be available onsite for Fire Marshall review.

Laser Systems which have been designated Class 3 and above, must obtain show management permission in advance to be on display.