Please review our frequently asked questions below. If we have not answered your question here, feel free to contact us.

Exhibitors: See our Exhibitor FAQ


How do I get my Badge?

Your badge will be printed in the Registration area at the show. For faster badge pick-up, please bring a copy of the email with your confirmation code to the Registration area. If you do not have your confirmation with you, you can search for your badge at a check-in kiosk with the email address you used to register for the show.

I am trying to register my employees with our shop’s email address, but I am getting an error message. Why do I need a unique email address for each person to register online?

Your email address is our way of identifying your individual registration record. This record carries over from year to year and connects your contact information with your email preferences. It is required to register online. If your company only has one shared email address, you may consider opening a free email account (i.e. Google, Outlook) for each registrant. If you would like to register without using an email address, please call 800.560.9941 to register over the phone or fax/mail a completed registration form. Registration forms are available on the "Register" page for each show.

What if I don’t have, or never received my confirmation?

If you have registered, your name will be in our system and you will be able to get your badge in the Registration area without your confirmation. If you prefer to have a copy of your confirmation, email or call us at 800.560.9941 and we will email it to you.

I’ve already registered but I need to make a correction or change my address, name, etc?

If you have already registered and would like to update or make changes to your registration, please sign in through the link located on the Registration Confirmation that you received via email. No time in advance? You may also make changes at the show by going to the Welcome counter in the Registration area..

Do I need to register or fill out a registration form for each person attending from my company?

Yes. Since everyone needs their own badge to enter the exhibit hall, we require each individual to complete a registration form. The easiest way to register is online. To register consecutive individuals, you may click the “Register Another Attendee” button on the final page of the registration process or you may start over at the Register page. Please note that our registration process does NOT carry over any information from one registration to another, and each person requires a separate, unique email address to register. If you are faxing or mailing the registration form, please make copies of the blank form and fill one out for each registrant. The registration form is available on the Register page.

How do I know if I am registered?

Once your registration is complete, a confirmation email with your registration details will be sent to the email address you provided during registration. Badges will NOT be mailed to you prior to the show. To speed up the badge printing process, please bring your confirmation letter to the Registration area (badges can still be printed without the confirmation if you have pre-registered).

What is included with my event registration?

  • Entrance to the exhibit hall each day that it is open
  • Unlimited Training by Exhibitors in the classroom and in the exhibit hall
  • Access to the Professional Training & Achievement Program
  • Admission to the networking event on Friday evening
  • Chances to win $500 in Buyer Bucks!

What if I haven’t started/opened my business yet?

You are welcome to attend the show if you are actively looking to start your business. THE NBM SHOW is not an association, so there are no dues or membership fees required for attending. We do require that attendees be affiliated with the industry, so if you do not have a business interest, we advise that this show may not be for you.

What if I am bringing someone with me who is not in the business?

If you are bringing a non-industry guest with you (spouse or family member 12 years or older who is NOT involved with or employed at your business in any capacity), they will need to register as a guest onsite at the Welcome counter. All other attendees (employed at or involved with your business) are considered qualified buyers and will need to complete the registration process. Guests are not eligible to enter to win any prizes.

How do I obtain a Press pass?

Please contact register@nbmshows.com to request your Press pass. 


What is Training by Exhibitors?

Our training program consists of hands-on, exhibit hall demonstrations (Training in the Hall) and 90-minute classes (Training in the Classroom) led by industry leaders. Learn from respected authorities who will present current and relevant topics that will help grow your business. Ask questions, get answers and leave inspired!

What is Training in the Hall?

Training in the Hall is where select exhibitors present hands-on education inside the exhibit hall during show hours. Don’t just watch how to build your business, try it for yourself! All Training in the Hall sessions are included with your registration.

Can I register for individual classes?

Yes. All Training by Exhibitors classes (in the classroom and in the hall) are included with your registration. You may select one class if that is your preference.

What if I want to change my class selections after I register? 

Many exhibitors presenting classes send out class information approximately 2 weeks before the show, so if you want to receive specific information for the classes you are interested in, we suggest that you update your class selections. Once you do, you will receive a new confirmation email with your updated class selections.

If you decide you want to change classes at the show, we’ve made it easy and convenient for you to switch—simply show up at the class you want to attend! No further action is needed.

What is the Professional Training & Achievement Program?

The Professional Training & Achievement Program is a continuing education program created exclusively for participants of the Training by Exhibitors program at THE NBM SHOW. Those who complete the requirements will receive a PDF certificate, suitable for printing and framing as well as posting on their website.

What do I need to do to earn a Professional Training & Achievement certificate?

To be recognized with a certificate as an industry professional, you will need to take a minimum of five (5) classes consisting of:

  • Training by Exhibitors in the Classroom
  • Training by Exhibitors in the Hall

Classes can be taken at THE NBM SHOW in different cities during the same year and former participants are welcome to take part again to receive a new certificate.

Please note that at any show where the exhibit hall is only open for 2 days, the amount of required classes to earn a certificate is three (3).


Can we bring our children?


How do I enter to win the drawing for NBM Buyer Bucks? 

Each day of the show, one lucky attendee will be selected to win Buyer Bucks, valued at $500, at THE NBM SHOW to use with any participating exhibitor. To be eligible to win, all you have to do is register and attend the show! THE NBM SHOW Buyer Bucks are redeemable during the show or within 30 days after the show closes and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Is the cost of education tax-deductible?

The expense of continuing education may be tax deductible when taken to maintain or improve skills required in your current employment. These tax benefits may also apply if the classes meet express requirements of an employer. Please contact your accountant for details specific to your situation.

Can I take pictures in the exhibit hall?

Photographs are allowed providing you ask and receive approval from each exhibitor prior to taking pictures.

Will there be an area for smoking?

The convention center is a non-smoking facility; smoking is only permitted in designated outdoor areas.

Is the cost of registration, which includes Training by Exhibitors, tax-deductible?

The expense of continuing education may be tax-deductible when taken to maintain or improve skills required in your current employment. These tax benefits may also apply if the classes meet express requirements of an employer. Please contact your accountant for details specific to your situation. 

What if I have a special needs request?

The convention center is wheelchair/scooter accessible and is ADA compliant. Wheelchair & scooter rentals vary by city; please visit the Registration page for city-specific information on renting a wheelchair or scooter.