“How to Create Fast Index Separations”

M&R Companies
Thursday, August 15
4:00PM to 5:30PM
The instructor’s suggested experience level for this workshop is: All Levels

Does your shop receive high-end illustrations and photos that you have to color separate quickly for screen printing? The time it takes to separate a design takes away from other art tasks that earn new business, so it is important to separate fast while maintaining image quality. Nothing about separation speed or technique matters if the final colors don’t work on press, so being able to separate with the highest success rate is just as critical as speed. Index dot separations are unique in that they are one of the fastest separation methods yet they also provide one of the highest success rates in going from file to screen print. 

In this seminar I will walk the audience through how to separate designs in Photoshop for index screen prints step-by-step. Each attendee will see how to prepare artwork, isolate and select colors, how to define an underbase, and how to build a digital proof for pre-testing your seps. Multiple images will be broken down into separations and everyone will receive a handout and printed t-shirt (while t-shirt availability lasts).

The goal of this seminar is for attendees to walk away with a clear plan on how to use Photoshop to separate images for screen printing using index dots. The refined steps shown in this seminar have been used to successfully separate high-end illustrations for branded apparel worldwide.

Thomas Trimingham has been separating designs for screen printing for over 25 years. His artwork and separations have been printed for large retail brands worldwide and he has published over 160 articles on separations, graphic design, and illustrations for screen printing. Thomas currently works at the M&R Companies as Marketing Communications Manager.

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