Laser Hacks 2.0: Photo Engraving Basics & Other Processing Tips

Trotec Laser Inc
Friday, February 7
11:00AM to 12:30PM
RoomGreat America Mtg Rm 1
The instructor’s suggested experience level for this workshop is: Beginner / Intermediate

Learn how to master the art of laser engraving photos on a variety of substrates with these basic and straightforward processing tips. Attendees will discover the confidence needed to be able to personalize products with high-quality engraved photos that will demonstrate a higher perceived product value and provide a lasting keepsake for customers. Featuring bonus laser engraving and cutting tips and tricks, attendees will also learn how to maximize their production and revenue by discovering additional "hacks" to get the most out of their laser system.

About Trotec Laser Inc

Trotec Laser is a leading international provider of advanced, high-speed laser equipment for cutting, engraving and industrial marking. With the broadest product line on the market, Trotec systems are used to cut, engrave or mark a wide range of materials including wood, paper, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastics, and more. The company's extensive line of quality laser systems, coupled with its unmatched service and support offerings, have made Trotec one of the industry's leading resources for computer controlled engraving equipment and marking systems. Trotec highly values innovation and R&D; in fact, over a decade ago Trotec developed the world's first laser system that combines CO2 and fiber laser technology in one machine. All major equipment components and products are manufactured in the U.S. and Austria. Trotec machines are currently used in more than 90 countries. With more than 500 employees around the globe, Trotec offers customers an international service and sales network. Trotec's U.S. presence is headquartered in Plymouth, Michigan, with service and support centers from coast to coast in the Seattle area; the San Francisco Bay area; Anaheim, California; Phoenix, Arizona; Arlington, Texas; Dade City, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; Raleigh, North Carolina; Fredericksburg, Virginia; the Chicago area; and Hillsborough, New Jersey. Four additional distribution centers – located in New Jersey, Mississippi, Illinois and California – are dedicated to the company's broad line of laserable and engraving materials.

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